SK텔레콤 [SKT] 2022 Global Junior Talent Hiring (외국인 채용) - Engineer
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[What is Engineering]
o Establishing and developing long-term ICT technology strategies and roadmaps
[What you will do]
1. Backend engineer
 o Develop backend server/platform, design and build systems of SKT's customer services
    such as 'A.', 'ifland', AI video/commercial platform
 o Design/develop/operate systems for MNO business and intranet.
 o Design and develop search/recommendation service in SKT services

2. Frontend enginner
 o Develop frontend(Web/App.) services in SKT customer services such as 'ifland', 'T world'.

3. Client engineer
 o Design/develop/operate client side of services such as 'A.', 'T call' in iOS
 o Develop, upgrade 'MeetUS' services in Android/iOS

4. Data engineer
 o Establish/operate internal data platform and integrative data analyzing system
 o Develop a new service for customers through data analysis based on AI technology
 o Develop a system for large capacity of data and develop a crawling agent

5. Machine Learning/Deep Learning
 o Develop conversation services and video services for 'A.'
 o Develop new services based on ML/DL such as supply/demand anticipation service of renewable energy
 o Develop CTR anticipation model and video processing/synthesizing technologies

6. Graphics engineer
 o Make metaverse graphic contents for avatar and space in 'ifland'
 o Make 3D character platform and contents in 'A.'

7. System/Infra engineer
 o Design/develop/operate IT infra for internal IT services
 o Design/develop/operate facilties and systems for internal data center
 o Design/develop/operate and optimize public cloud infrastructure for cloud transformation

8. Developing/Operating/Optimizing
ㅇ Operate services for 'A' and develop new or affliate services for 'A.'
ㅇ Improve services for 'A.' by monitoring and analyzing commercial issues
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[Minimum Qualifications]
ㅇ Resident foreigners in Korea
    ※ Except overseas Korean(F-4 Visa holder)

ㅇ No disqualification for obtaining Visa and working in Korea
ㅇ Able to communicate in Korean
ㅇ Graduated by March 2023
ㅇ Not having work experience more than one year

ㅇ 본 공고는 한국에 거주 중인 외국인을 대상으로 합니다. 
    ※ 재외동포 및 외국 국적 한국인(F-4 비자 소지자) 지원 불가
[Looking for someone]
ㅇ keeps interest in new technologies and voluntarily study, apply them to seek continuous growth in career
ㅇ has open-minded, proactive attitude for code-reviewing and new techonologies
ㅇ has passion and patience for problem solving and achieving goals
ㅇ is an open-minded communicator and respects his/her collegues
ㅇ thrives on collaboration, working side by side with people of all backgrounds and disciplines,
    and has very strong verbal and written communication skills.
[ Skillset ]
ㅇ Basic skills and understanding of more than one of programming languages (Such as Python/C/C++/Java/Kotlin/Swift etc.)
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더욱 좋습니다.
[ Preferred qualifications ]
ㅇ Basic understanding of network and system of public cloud(AWS, GCP, Azure, etc)
ㅇ Basic skills for developing web application by Spring, Restful API, Container, Kubernetes, RDB/NoSQL, etc.
ㅇ Basic understanding of HTTP(Restful) API, MSA architecture, Spring Framework, Android/iOS Framework
ㅇ Basic understanding of big data framework such as Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Kubernetes Hadoop, Spark
ㅇ Experience in using framework and basic knowledge of ML/DL
ㅇ Understanding of game engine such as unity, unreal
ㅇ Understanding of developing 3d contents(character, virtual space)
ㅇ Basic skills for operating and improving services by monitoring issues
이러한 일정으로
[ Hiring Process ]
1. Application : September 22th ~ October 6th 5pm
2. Test : Octobor 9th 11am ~
  1) Online Coding Test
  2) Online SKCT Work Personality Test

※ Details regarding the test will be notified on this website '마이페이지' in Octobor 7th.

3. Assessment (Resumé/Essay) : by early November
4. Interview : within November
5. Offer : within December
6. First day of work : January 1st, 2023

※ Not until you pass the test that Resumé/Essay is required.

※ Application document (including Resumé/Essay) should be written in Korean.
Please prepare for the test as below (mandatory)
ㅇ Please prepare for the test as below (mandatory)

  1. 1. Test Overview
  2.  ㅇ Preliminary Test
  3.       - Anytime available between Oct. 7th 9am ~ Oct. 8th 6pm

  4. ㅇ Actual Test : Oct. 9th 11am ~
         1) Session #1 Coding Test : approx. 2 hours (4 problems)
         2) Intermission : 30 mins
         3) Session #2 SKCT : approx. 1 hour

  5. ㅇ Test website: Programmers

    ㅇ Programming language available: C / C++ / Java / JavaScript / Python3 / Go / Kotlin / Swift / Scala

2. How to take the test
ㅇ Preliminary & Actual Test
     - Via invitation e-mail from Programmers

   ※ The invitation will be sent by Oct. 7th 9am to your e-mail address
   ※ The preliminary test must be taken by Oct. 8th 6pm or you will be disqualified.

ㅇ Manual for the Coding Test
  1.       (Korean ver.) Download the manual

[ Location ]
ㅇ Seoul/Gyeonggi-do (SKT Tower, Centropolis Branch, Pangyo Branch)
[ First day of work ]
ㅇ January 1st, 2023
[ Please keep in mind ]
※ Your résumé must be submittted by 5 pm on October 21st.

 이번 필기전형 합격자에 한하여 서류전형이 진행되며, 필기전형 합격자가 아닌 지원자는 자동 불합격 처리됩니다.